Flat fee listings are a great way for Homeowners, House Flipper’s, and Investors, who want to Save Money, to sell their homes. The largest supply home buyers are represented and come from the Multiple Listing Service a.k.a. MLS. Other sites like Zillow and Realtor.com all get their information from the MLS. With flat fee listings you have the broad exposure and power of the MLS for one low flat fee. The MLS will expose your property to all the other buyer’s agents in your area. They will be motivated to sell your property because it’s represented on the MLS. If not on the MLS agents will will not see your listing on the MLS and will show their clients properties that ARE on the MLS. Sell your house faster and for more money today in the link below. We look forward to Getting your house on the MLS Market, and more importantly, Getting your house SOLD!!

$950 FLAT FEE LISTING Includes:


$140 HOME VALUATION Includes:

  • Summary of 4 Comparable Listings
  • Adjusted Comparable Prices – Low, Median, Average & High
  • Price Detail Adjustments
  • Number of Cumulative Days on Market
  • Map of Comparable Properties

Pricing your Home Right brings the Highest Offers! A Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) which compares your home to other comparable homes that have Sold in the last year or two is recommended. This produces a True Market Value! Pricing your Home at, or close to, the True Market Value brings the Highest Offers in the shortest possible time!

Alternatively you can look at homes sold on Zillow. Check the Zestamates and make adjustments for comparable differences. This option is only recommended for those who have a strong knowledge of home and home options values.


Let us help you Get Every Dollar your Home is Worth! Our job is to make selling your home a wonderful experience and protect your interests from all angles. We work for you to negotiate, and sell your home. Whether your home is ready to sell, or needs repairs & preparation, our Comprehensive Knowledge is available to you. We give you valuable tips, guidance, and sage advice every step of the way. With 20 years experience in Realty, Design, & Home Building, we know the value of Homes and how to Price them correctly.  Our Comprehensive Knowledge & Expert Negotiating Skills will SELL YOUR HOME in the SHORTEST TIME at the HIGHEST PRICE!

HOMEOWNER Responsible for :

  • 2.5% of sales price paid to any MLS Buyers agent, if any.
  • All expenses including Transfer Tax, Title Insurance, and Closing Costs.