Evaluate whether any presentation points, repairs, or improvements may be needed to Get Every Dollar your Home is Worth! Address items Home Buyers want to see. Items that will add value to your home. Do value increasing home preparations, if any.


You only get one chance at a First Impression! The first thing the Buyers see when shopping is a Cover Photo of the Front of Your Home. The first thing the Buyers see at the showing is the Front of your Home. The last thing the Buyers see when they stand on the sidewalk discussing your property is the Front of your Home. We recommend starting at the Curb by Greening & Cleaning the yard. Then Shape & Wood Chip Planting Beds, and Prune Bushes & Trees. Add some Warmth & Color with Welcome Mats & Flowers. Finally Clean & Detail the Exterior of the Home.



A clean, well staged home will let Buyers see your home at it’s best. Each room should be Clean, Well Lit, and have Furniture Fitting to the Room. Everything in the home should be in Good Working  Order, Functional, & Finished Well. Garage Sales or Rented Storage, prior to Selling, are a good way to De-Clutter and lighten the load for your upcoming move. It’s good to De-Personalize the Home so the Buyers can visualize the home as their own.


Pricing your Home Right brings the Highest Offers! A Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) which compares your home to other comparable homes that have Sold in the last year or two is recommended. This produces a True Market Value! Pricing your Home at, or close to, the True Market Value brings the Highest Offers in the shortest possible time! Click for CMA. Alternatively you can look at homes sold on Zillow. Check the Zestamates and make adjustments for comparable differences.


Now create a Photo Story Book of your Beautifully Prepared Home. Effectively describe your Home’s Features, provide Neighborhood, School, and Area Information. Then highlight all the Special Assets that the house has or are close by. 

Then combine the powerful photos, detailed description, and property information to be Advertised in: MLS (Multiple Listing Service), KirshHomes.com, Realtor.com, Zillow, Google, Yahoo, Bing,  Homes.com,  Trulia, Red Fin, HomeFinder.com, KW.com, Remax.com, RealEstateOne.com, HowardHanna.com, ReinhartRealtors.com, and countless other websites.

Finally, Yard Signs, Neighborhood Fliers, and word of mouth can be helpful but not essential.


Steps 1-5 above will generate many showings of your home and sometimes will  produce Multiple Offers for you to choose from. You can negotiate directly with Buyers (thru their agent if they are represented). Or for 1% Expert Pete Kirsh can negotiate for you. With 20 years experience in Realty, Design, & Home Building we understand all aspects of Offers made by Buyer’s or the Buyer’s Agents. We know your Home Value in detail due to our Pre-Sale Home Inspection and put Our Comprehensive Knowledge & Experience to work for you. We use our Diverse Skills to Represent you while discussing, evaluating and responding to Offers which Saves you Time & Money!


You set up a closing date and finalize your Home Sale! Most Flat Fee Sellers use the Buyer’s title company as the processor already has started the process. Prior to closing we recommend having an attorney review closing documents and help answer any questions you may have regarding the closing process. 


Congratulations! ~ You’re Home is Sold! ~ You pre-arrange the move out date with the Buyers for a smooth transition into your New Home!

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