Enjoy Lower Energy Costs & Fresh Clean Air every Day !
Let us design a central “Kirsh Clean Air System” for you home or business !

Air Filtration


Energy Recovery Ventilation

“Kirsh Clean Air” is the Absolute Leader of the Indoor Air Quality Industry. We spend more time researching and developing our systems than any other company. Clean Air is our passion because we know the proven Health & Comfort Benefits of a “Kirsh Clean Air System”. Our Systems pay for themselves thru Energy Conservation & Lower Energy Bills ! 


Energy Bills – Lowered
House Dust – Reduced
Personal Energy – Increased
Odors – Reduced
Mold – Reduced
Indoor Toxins – Reduced
Allergens – Reduced
Eyes, Ears, Nose & Throat – Improved Health
Immune System – Strengthened

We Serve: 


Home Gyms

Yoga Rooms