Get the Most from your Home Investment !

Complete any Sale Preparation you choose to increase your Sale Price and reduce or eliminate time spent negotiating with buyers and paying them a premium to accept needed repairs.

Save Thousands of Dollars & Valuable Time !

Buyers use Professional Home Inspectors and tend to negotiate for double or triple the value for any Items in dis-repair. Negotiating needed repairs also takes valuable time.

Repair & Finish

Retain up to 300% of repaired value versus leaving repairs for buyers to negotiate. Many buyers dream of a home where everything works and is finished well! The Entire Home should be in Good Working Order, Functional, & Finished. Completing needed repairs & finishing details prior to selling will bring the Highest Offers in the Shortest Time!

Curb Appeal

You only get One Chance at a First Impression!  The first and last thing the buyers when viewing your home is the Curb Appeal of Your Home. We recommend starting at the Curb by Greening & Cleaning the Yard. Then Shape & Wood Chip the Planting Beds, and Prune Bushes & Trees. Add some Warmth & Color with Welcome Mats & Flowers. Finally Clean & Shine the Exterior of the Home. 

Shine & Stage

A clean, well staged home lets buyers see your Home at it’s Best. One pre-sale Professional Cleaning is very recommended. Garage Sales or a rented storage, prior to selling, are a good way to De-Clutter and lighten the load for your upcoming move. It’s good to De-Personalize the home so the buyers can visualize the home as their own. Each room should be Clean, Well Lit, and have Furniture Fitting to the Room