Get the Most from your Home Investment !

Complete any Sale Preparation you choose to increase your Sale Price and reduce or eliminate time spent negotiating with buyers and paying them a premium to accept needed repairs.

Save Thousands of Dollars & Valuable Time !

Buyers use Professional Home Inspectors and tend to negotiate for double or triple the value for any Items in dis-repair. Negotiating needed repairs also takes valuable time.

Repair & Finish

Retain up to 300% of repaired value versus leaving repairs for buyers to negotiate. Many buyers dream of a home where everything works and is finished well! The Entire Home should be in Good Working Order, Functional, & Finished. Completing needed repairs & finishing details prior to selling will bring the Highest Offers in the Shortest Time!

Curb Appeal

You only get One Chance at a First Impression!  The first and last thing the buyers see when viewing your home is the Curb Appeal of Your Home. We recommend starting at the Curb by Greening & Cleaning the Yard. Then Shape & Wood Chip the Planting Beds, and Prune Bushes & Trees. Add some Warmth & Color with Welcome Mats & Flowers. Finally Clean & Shine the Exterior of the Home. 

Shine & Stage

A clean, well staged home lets buyers see your Home at it’s Best. One pre-sale Professional Cleaning is very recommended. Garage Sales or a rented storage, prior to selling, are a good way to De-Clutter and lighten the load for your upcoming move. It’s good to De-Personalize the home so the buyers can visualize the home as their own. Each room should be Clean, Well Lit, and have Furniture Fitting to the Room

All homes can be sold as is …

~ or ~ can help you plan home repairs or preparations, if needed.